black-eyed pea

here’s a little follow-up from the last post.  I didn’t get any pictures when it was good and purple but we’ve got a little black-eyed pea toddling around here due to an incident that involved climbing out of the crib.  I guess I spoke too soon.


My sister-n-law was here visiting this weekend (yea!) and commented that she first thought Jude only resembled me, until she saw him in motion. I had to laugh, and it makes me feel good to hear others comment on how busy he is. I just get used to it! But seriously, the kiddo is non-stop! And his latest deal is climbing. everything. He climbs the chairs, the table, the highchair, the bed, nightstands, dollhouses, couch (as in, over the arms of it) crib, toilet, drawers, rocking horse, cedar chest. So far I haven’t got many pictures of any of it. Not because I am rushing to rescue him from falling (I figure he might as well learn to do it because there’s no stopping him!) but because it would be too incriminating to me as a mom. Like, you let him climb that- and stood by to watch?! No, most of the time it’s because it actually doesn’t seem safe and I need to stand by, or he’s just too fast. I did think of the incriminating thing the time that we built a “fort” with blankets and the dining room chairs with the cousins, and he was climbing the chairs and purposefuly tipping them over, while on them, and falling into the roof of the fort (aka blankets). I did put a pillow on the ground after he became insistent on continuing his little thrill.  From what I hear though, he’s got nothing on his dad.  At this age, the story goes, he was flipping out from his crib and climbing the kitchen counters in the middle of the night.  I don’t think I need to worry about that one- Jude like his sleep too much- but in the meantime I’ll try to shoot him surfing the rocking horse.

splish splash

A few pics from yesterday’s afternoon adventure.  Matthew and I saw this new fountain park downtown the other night and I promptly brought Jude to check it out.  He approved!

car-free care-free days!

Jude and I are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint these days by walking and biking whenever we can.  Well, I wish I could say that’s completely true but to be totally honest, Jude has a strong dislike for the car and I like to avoid the guilt of having to strap him in the car seat.  So it’s not completely eco-intented but I do like the exercise, fresh air, and yes, getting somewhere a decent distance away without the use of a car.  It just feels really good, and much more productive.  (errands and exercise at the same time!) I’ve always tried to do no more than one car-trip in a day with him but lately I’ve really been enjoying more days when I can walk or bike to my errands.  Like the other day, we walked to Alberta so I could take some pictures of a display shelf at a boutique, then walked a little further down the street to the fabric store so I could get some advice on a pattern, then stopped at a park for some playtime and lunch before heading back home.  A couple days before that I realized we needed a birthday present for a party we were going to the next day so we walked to a toy store to buy a gift.  We also walk to sing-alongs and the grocery store.  And now that we’ve borrowed a bike trailer from our neighbor- our car-free destinations have expanded significantly!  We’ve mostly visited new parks so far, but the possibility of multi-destinations is what I’m excited about! (like park, pharmacy + groceries, bank!).  Now before you go thinking i’m super-mom and all (you were thinking that, right??) let me confess my kryptonite- hills!  I’m such a pollywog when it comes to hills.  Always have been- even without a trailer, kid, and groceries or what not being pulled behind me.  And, if you know PDX you know there is one great and mighty hill in NE which sort of.. limits, my capabilities of riding to say Trader Joe’s or the cousin’s house in Hollywood.  Or even the Albina library for Story Time or Irving Park.  Correction: I am perfectly capable of riding to those places, it’s getting back that’s the problem. I’m not sure what to do about this but know that if I could barely ascend without dismounting pre-bike trailer, there’s no way I could now!  Would I even be able to push the bike and trailer up the hill?  Oh but your new bike has such low gears, Matthew says, you can do it. Pshaw! gears shmears!  Maybe one of these days I’ll be granted some mega bike riding skills that include ascending 10% grade hills but until then, you’ll still be seeing our car at Story-Time.

ps: Matthew read this post and says,”did you put it all the way down in the low gear?  did you?  It’s so easy when you do that.” Easy for him to say Mr. I-ride-my-bike-5-days-a-week-for-the-past-5-years-and-by-the-way-i-love-hills.  hmph.  Funny though that this post began as a “look at us, we love to get around without a car” post and ended up sounding like I hate riding the bike and am looking for a way out of it.  How’d that happen?  Darn those hills!

it’s the little things

hey Jude fans!  Jude’s Mama got a new computer which means we are back in business!  After a few lost posts I completely gave up on blogging this summer. (and right after I had a fresh start on it!)  But at last, I am sitting in my living room with my lovely new machine perched on my lap and I think this is going to make for a very sweet blogging relationship.  You wouldn’t believe how many posts I have had running through my head all summer!  Jude is funner than ever, cuter than ever (yes, it’s possible!), and naughtier than ever!  Which of course all make for some great blogging material.  But sometimes it’s just the little things that inspire me and make me cherish this mama-hood.  Like putting a piece of chalk in a yogurt container.  What is significant about that?  It’s significant because one day he didn’t/couldn’t do that and the next day he did.  And that I know him so well I notice it.  That it makes me feel so proud to see him do something, some little tiny something, that he couldn’t do the day before.  I never know what the next little thing will be though, until I see it.  And then I notice that it’s new.  And it makes me smile.  And now he can help pick up his toys. 🙂

one fun!

Jude’s birthday celebration was on Saturday and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a birthday party.  Seriously, I think I had more fun than he did, although he was really into it too.  Not a single melt-down thanks to a nice long nap before hand.  Even with 35+ people there, being at the park and having a lovely lovely summery day (i know, can you believe it?!), made for a stress free event.  Friends picnicked, played at the playground and the spray park, enjoyed lemonade, strawberry cupcakes, and some fun live tunes including a serenade of Hey Jude for the birthday boy.  Thanks to everyone for celebrating Jude along with us, and especially for being a part of his first year of life.  Here are some highlights of the day. 

I’ve been trying to write this post since his actual birthday, but here I am 4 days later with my little one-year-old crashed in bed and Matthew mowing the jungle that is our back yard.  I say crashed because we went to a bbq this evening knowing that Jude was pretty tired from such a full weekend so we made it an early evening.  Our friends live only 2 miles away but that was about 1 mile too far for Jude who crashed out on the way home.  Here he is this evening, sleeping through a diaper change. 

We just let him lay there on our bed for awhile while we soaked him in.  He’s so busy and active that I never have a moment to just study him anymore.  It reminded me of the first few weeks when we would just stare for hours at this mysterious and beautiful creature, our son. 


As I reflect on those infant days and following months it’s makes me smile to see those moments, pictures, and stories through my lenses of how I know Jude now.  And I suppose that will be the way it always will be.  I hope I will always be learning more about my son, always be coming to a deeper understanding of who he is, and look back to see him with a greater sense knowing him. 

In honor of my dad’s birthday today, here’s one taken a year ago today!

Looking at these photos I’m reminded of what a gorgeous newborn he was!  I’m also amazed at how sleepy he was, haha!  In many ways it’s almost hard to reconcile that tiny newborn with the rambunctious kid I know now, they almost seem like different beings.  I suppose there is no year that brings amount as great of a change as does that first year though.

I feel like this was at his peak of chunkness, around 3 months. yummy! [image above]

At 5 months his world really began to expand as he learned to sit up, started eating (always his favorite activity), and mastered rolling over. [images above and below]

On his 6 month birthday.  I remember being so proud of him that day! [image below]

Looking at these photos from 6 months on seem more like my little Jude I know now.  Those first 6 months especially he was just developing so much!  Here he is about to crawl, 7 months.

I’m just amazed by him.

Happy birthday my little love.